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About me

My name is Peter Voronov. I’m a professional violinist, violist, arranger and composer. I have been playing the violin since 1985 when I was 5 and have played concerts in 37 countries (including at Carnegie Hall New York, Konzerthaus Berlin, Moscow Conservatory etc). I experienced in different styles such as classical and baroque music, folk, rock, electronic, gothic, reggae, pop and more.

I live in Russia, but travel around the world. I played solo concerts and in various ensembles in Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, USA (AL, AR, CA, CT, FL, GA, IA, ID, LA, MI, MO, MS , NC, NH, NY, OK, OR, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT), Canada, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and all the major cities of Russia


Are you a songwriter, composer or producer? Great! At the covid-time I work in my studio all the time. I can write and record a violin, viola, electric violin tracks to your music project. Also I can make full strings section with orchestra sound to your song (up to 50 stems). I can work from my home studio or come to your place. Take your sound to new level!

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My work

Open air playing: Classical Music, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Soundtracks

Club concerts: rock and electronic music

Classical Music in concert halls: String Trio, Quartet

My own music, music videos, covers and studio work

My Violins

and other equipment


If I play alone

I play solo with "music minus one" or "backing tracks". Minus — is the soundtrack, which is close to the original soundtrack or the original itself, but without the performer's voice. I play live the solo voice on my violin. Many of the arrangements I write and record myself.

Electric violin

Why electric violin?

Electric violin not very different from acoustic instrument. It's like a normal violin and microphone. But the wind, sunlight and the noise is not a problem! Also, I can control the volume. I use five electric violin: by Yamaha and DiMavery. When it is necessary I use one of my acoustic violin.

Additional equipment

Processor, effects, tube amp

To change the sound, I use a lot of additional devices. Basically, it's reworked gadgets for electric guitars. Especially much devices I use in the studio work.


Strings recording

  • Professional condenser microphones
  • Professional video equipment, full-frame camera, lenses, backgrounds and lights
  • Special studio room
  • Professional audio interface, Cubase, plugins packages


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